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1. if you use any of these icons, credit shoebox_project in the keywords.
2. if the creators of the icons want credit too, give it.
3. more than 3 icons? put them behind an lj-cut with 1 or 2 preview icons.
4. most of us are also members of cult_sbp(if you're not, you should be. all the cool kids are doing it.) so please, don't post the same icons here and in cult_sbp. it's called cross-posting(or x-posting for short), and it clogs up everyone's friends' list with dupliacte posts. so DON'T DO IT.

note: if you remember an icon set from cult_sbp, and don't see it here, check our comm's memories from time to time, as your gracious, wonderful, stunningly gorgeous mod, it_grrl is working very hard to archive every icon/graphic/colorbar post from cult_sbp for you.
ps- your gracious, wonderful, &c mod, it_grrl, accepts your humble thanks in the form of fanzines and chololate.

shoebox_project. if you haven't read it, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

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